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Embark on Your Publishing Journey with GCPP – No Literary Agent Required!
Are you an aspiring author looking to publish your masterpiece but facing hurdles with literary agents? Golden Child Promotions Publishing (GCPP) is here to transform your publishing experience.

The Literary Agent Dilemma: Why It Matters
Most traditional publishing houses require authors to secure a literary agent before even considering their manuscripts. Agents act as gatekeepers, ensuring only the finest works reach publishers. However, this rigorous process comes with its own set of challenges.

The Literary Agent’s Role: What Do They Do?
Picture this: you’ve earned £10,000 in book sales. With a literary agent, a typical agreement involves them taking a 15% commission. In this scenario, your agent would receive £1,500, leaving you with £8,500. Agents provide invaluable services such as negotiating contracts, navigating the complex publishing landscape, and advocating for your work in a crowded market.

The Rejection Conundrum: Why Agents Say No
Unfortunately, the truth is that literary agents most often reject a large number of authors. They may do so for various reasons, ranging from market saturation to personal preferences or a ‘belief’ that the manuscript may not sell well. This rejection process can be disheartening for many talented writers.

GCPP’s Literary Agenda Service: Your Path to Publication
Breaking free from the traditional mould, GCPP offers a unique Literary Agent Service, designed for authors who wish to publish without the need for a literary agent.

Manuscript Unfinished? No Problem!
Not ready with a manuscript yet? No worries! Our service caters to authors at all stages of their writing journey. GCPP provides unparalleled support, from polishing your manuscript to navigating the complex publishing landscape.

Affordable Support, No Hidden Fees
Normally priced at £949.88, GCPP’s Literary Agenda Service is currently available at a special offer of a one-time fee of $474.94, Special Offer Price!!! This unlocks support, without any additional percentages or hidden costs.


Benefits of GCPP’s Literary Agenda Service:

  • Financial Transparency: No commission cuts, just a one-time fee.
  • Tailored Support: Customised assistance for every author, regardless of manuscript readiness.
  • Lifetime Partnership: Our commitment to your success extends beyond publishing.
  • Market Access: Unlock the doors to a broader audience without the traditional agent barrier.

Your journey to becoming a published author begins with GCPP.

Seize this limited-time offer and embark on a lifetime of literary success!!!




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The beauty of our membership programme and our community is that it is always expanding, with new resources from our authors, mentors, consultants, and founders being added to our library. As a member, you have access to all these resources – so we know that you must grow when you become part of the family.

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