So what are the benefits of having an editor?

Editing: helps you refine what you want to say will save you from your worst writing weaknesses

can help you distill your narrative and focus its impact helps you expand or trim your text, as needed

tightens plotting and enhances characterization
helps you pace your story gives you an expert friend and mentor along the way helps you refine your work to its essential excellence
catches and weeds out your writerly foibles (and we all have them)


So why is it best for me to get an editor?


Yes it is best.

WHY is it best?


Because your own mistakes are harder to see.

You can always catch others’ mistakes, but rarely your own, that is the way it goes. It is simply the nature of writing.

Getting entirely outside your own head, your intentions, and seeing your copy with another’s eyes. Is a very difficult task to pull off to perfection . Don’t let anybody fool you on that.

How many good self editors have you seen?

Self-publishers maybe…but how many self editors have you ever come across, great ones that is?

That is WHY ideally YOU should as BEST PRACTICE? ALWAYS turn YOUR manuscripts over to a real editor.

At Golden Child Promotions Publishing WE GOT YOU COVERED.

* with full 100% money back guarantees

We are never happy unless you are orgasmically happy

But the real secret about professional editing is that it makes it look as if you got all these things right, yourself.

Heavy text editing

Heavy copy editing is where we rephrase and reword your content.

We will not only correct for grammar, spelling, and capitalization, but we also improve word choice and variety, as well as editing for flow and English fluency. We will rewrite problematic sentences and move words and phrases around, including deleting extraneous words.

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Developmental Edit

Developmental Editing is what really makes a story shine. This is deeper than making sure a comma is in the right place, or that you used the correct form of there/their/they’re.

You are a storyteller. You want to make sure your reader is picking up what you’re putting down. Do they sympathize with your hero or hate your villain? Is your setting so real it feels like a place you can visit? Does your plot grab the reader, and satisfy their need for a good story?

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Sample Edit

You’re a writer. You’ve got the words down….editing is a different beast all together!

What do you actually need?

Proofreading for grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
A line edit for language, flow, and clarity.
A developmental edit, for characters, plot, and setting, or argument and evidence.

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Line Edit Your Writing

A line edit is a detail-oriented process. We will be examining your use of language to help you make sure you are conveying exactly what you want your readers to feel or learn. This is more than just a proofread.
Any word processor can tell you how to correctly spell “house” but only a human can catch if your character is riding a house instead of a horse. Or if you really nailed that metaphor.

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Proofread Your Written Work

We can proofread your short written works in no time at all. Add that extra polish to your essay or make sure you aren’t embarrassed by an obvious typo in that article everyone will read! Proofreading includes checking things like spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

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