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Do you feel the need to express yourself? Have you written a book but are being held back because of the lengthy requirements of publishing houses? Then Golden Child Promotions Publishing is for you.
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Golden Child Promotions Publishing is a publishing organization with the sole purpose of bringing new meaning to publishing by creating fair ground for every voice wanting to be heard.

Over time, many voices have been crushed under the complexities of self-publishing and the gruesome requirements of traditional publication. Golden Child Promotions Publishing is a contemporary company, conforming to the modern and current ideas of publishing, including style, fashion, and design. In addition to this, Golden Child Promotions Publishing assists with the full publication process from proofreading to editing, formatting to book cover design, and printing to distribution. We also can assist with barcodes, ISBN, and website design.

We believe you are talented, we are here to encourage and assist all your literary dreams. “The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work” – Émile Zola. We will gift you the support you need to develop your dreams.

Golden Child Promotions Publishing is an innovative, contemporary, and unconventional publishing company with a distinctive perspective that sets us aside and above every other publishing organization. Golden Child Promotions Publishing is on a renowned mission to changing the entire world of publishing and redefine the very process of book publishing.

We are a contemporary publishing company, the coming of age of innovative publishing, and our goal is to work with the Golden ones and the Golden souls. YOU ARE GOLDEN. We bridge the space between the various medium of publishing and offer quality opportunities to gifted writers who have never been able to express their thoughts or have their works published as a result of the short-handedness of the typical styles of publishing. At Golden Child Promotions Publishing, we assist authors or aspiring authors to publish their works for minimum cost. The author retains all royalties and all their profit.

At Golden Child Promotions Publishing we believe in you, provided you believe in yourself. We believe you are braver, more talented, and capable than you can imagine. Everybody has GREATNESS inside them, most often UNREALIZED. EVERYBODY has a STORY, EVERYBODY has a GREAT BOOK INSIDE OF THEM. THEY just need to KNOW the WAY. With the RIGHT NURTURING and SUPPORT, anything is possible. Therefore, this singular reason is why we are ready to support and guide you through the publication of your manuscript.

Do you feel you are talented?
Do you feel you are golden?
Do you have what it takes?
Are you courageous enough of your ability and talent?

Then Golden Child Promotions Publishing is the place for you.

“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Golden Child Promotions Publishing is ready to support, nurture, guide, and give you the courage to stand tall in the literary sphere and speak to the world.

Golden Child Promotion Publishing believes that all work presented is from a GOLDEN MIND and is a product of self-expression. Therefore, manuscripts will be plagiarism free and unique to the author. Golden Child Promotion Publishing will not be responsible for any copyright violation.

Moreover, Golden Child Promotion Publishing is the organization to trust in terms of the protection of your manuscript. Your interests are of paramount importance to us and we shall ensure that they are protected.

At Golden Child Promotion Publishing, we usually do not get involved with sales and marketing because giving our gifted authors the voice to express themselves and creating fair ground for the achievement of literary dreams is our main goal. However, we can assist with these processes upon request.

What we offer

Book Publishing

Golden Child Promotions Publishing carries out the publication of books of various types and style, fiction, or non-fiction. We entertain both professional authors and those needing help or guidance with their manuscript to attain professional standard.

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Manuscript Review

Golden Child Promotions Publishing employs expert proofreaders end editors to work on your manuscript. The professionals also determine the best editing package suitable for each manuscript and rate each manuscript in terms of writing skill.

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Literary Guide & Support

Golden Child Promotions Publishing is fully geared in the area of giving voice to the voiceless and assisting every TALENTED SOUL into the GOLDEN WORLD. We will help you actualize your literary goals and aspirations. We offer advice, literary tips, and provide the necessary information needed to take you UP in the literary world.



Our aim is that our authors’ voices can be heard across the globe. The voices we preach are to be heard all over the world. We will ensure your manuscript will go over the seas and land of this world.


Need illustration for your e-book, presentation, poster, medical journal etc.?

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Book Cover Design

In need of catchy or aesthetic book covering? Our experts are always ready to meet all of your desires. Our designers are of a gifted and sound mind, they will calve out any idea conceived by the mind and leave a lasting impression on your work.

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Golden Child Promotions Publishing connects across the world in a blockchain. This facilitates the ability to echo our author’s voice all over the world. We also provide the distribution of our publications across the world.

Web Design

At Golden Child Promotions Publishing, websites are created upon the request of the author. We are here to serve you and your every NEED, the very best that we can.

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Ghostwriting depends on project and the time frame.
Prices starts from:
$157.00 for 3,000 words
$301.00 for 6,000 words
$524.00 for 10,000 words
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Audiobook Creation

When you notice the insanely high prices of audiobooks, you can’t help but wonder what makes them so expensive. After all, they are just some audio files.
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Creating copy for your brand is technical and often at times difficult, but you dont have to worry about that ever again. At Golden Child Promotions Publishing, we’ll tell your unique story that turns readers into life-long fans (not just customers) in no time.

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You are looking for consistent qualified credit repair leads that convert? We are here to help you achieve your desired results.We are lead generation experts and business development strategists.

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Book Formating

Do you want to publish your book On Amazon KDP, Lulu, IngramSpark, etc.? We’ll do professional typesetting/layout of your book into an attractive master piece. Be it paperback, hardcover, EPUB, Kindle MOBI, etc., we handle them all.

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Editing is the process of reviewing a piece of writing to correct any errors. These errors could be as simple as spelling or grammar mistakes, or they could be as complex as the flow and clarity of your writing.

This aspect focuses on checking spelling, punctuation, and grammar, checking for consistency and clarity, as well as structure and consistency of tone of voice of every manuscript before final publication.

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Video Editing & Photoshop Editing

If you’re looking for a Video Editor to help you with Youtube Video Editing, Travel Vlog, Product, Music & Gaming Video, etc. You’re in the right place! We can be your Video Editor!

We can add special effects, adjust pacing and much more! Quality won’t be affected.

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Get 9do's Mentorship UP-liftment Program

Get 9do’s Mentorship UP-liftment Program for only $9 / Month (CANCEL ANYTIME)

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Author Accountability Program

Have you checked out some of our authors yet?You can hear them speak, interview them, see their books, and sample their success.

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Have you checked out some of our authors yet?



You can hear them speak, interview them, see their books, and sample their success.


Some of them offer services such as Training, Mentoring, Coaching, some run Workshops & Accountability Programs, etc., etc.


We have it all going on – FEEL FREE TO LOOK AROUND AND SEE!



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