The Birth Of Golden Child Promotions Publishing Poetry Section!

how are YOU?   ALL 'GOOD" I HOPE!   ARE YOU INTO POETRY?   If yes then this email may interest YOU.   Even if YOU are NOT into POETRY this email may be for YOU also.   YOU...

Hello, Goodbye…

HOW ARE YOU? ALL GOOD, I hope. I got sent an article the other day by one of our Technology Directors. It was very short but I feel that he encapsulated his message very well. Breaking down...


 HOW ARE YOU? ALL GOOD, I HOPE. Have you ever had an epiphany? Oh, what can the matter be? Have you ever had a sudden realisation, Or comprehension that has changed your direction? Have you ever...

Why many relation-ships fail…


Why it is not always good to be a F.A.N.?

Hi , HOW ARE YOU? ALL GOOD, I HOPE. I do not really THINK much as I am more of a FEELER. But TODAY I have been THINKING. DANGEROUS, I KNOW. I was THINKING about F.A.N.S. If only 'they' KNEW what...

Women are DIVINE because they naturally have inbuilt A’ashuq (DIVINE LOVE).

UNCONDITIONAL LOVE FOR ALL! I know because I have experienced this from my mother with a lot of it rubbing off on me to the point of installment. There was a TIME when I had no SOUL. No REMORSE and no CONSCIENCE. I RE-MEMBER. And I RE-MEMBER, RE-COGNISE, and RE-ALISE...

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