Our Authors

Chris Hills


Life’s Messages and Musings” is a profound collection of writings, carefully amassed over the span of many years by the introspective author, Chris Hills.

Not a prolific writer by nature, Hills draws inspiration from life’s experiences, crafting a mosaic that mirrors the ebb and flow of personal growth.

Peter Okonkwo


Peter Okonkwo is a Nigerian writer, fatalist, publisher, editor, farmer, literary critic, spiritual philosopher, soon–to–be–novelist of Etean’s Destiny, and a certified orator from the Friendship Leadership Institute of Nigeria.

He is the author of six poetry collections: Ecstasy of the Dead; Fate, In the Dungeon of Doom; Whose Fault, Kismet or Impediment? and Escape from the Unseen Dungeons book series, (A Cry for Mercy, How the Demons Leave, and I Saw the Light)

Peter is gifted with the aptitude to explore and demystify certain difficult life issues through his thought–provoking, raw–arresting transcendent poetry. His works have been featured in notable literary magazines and newspapers, including the Australian Plumwood Mountain Journal, The Lagos Review, Writers Space Africa, Ngiga Review, Hope Newspaper, among many others.

Peter is the host and founder of P. English Literature, where he reviews books and conducts interviews with authors around the world. His show has featured over 350 literature works from authors across the globe