Golden Child Promotions Publishing (GCPP)

Elevating Voices, One Page at a Time”!


Golden Child Promotions Publishing Ltd (GCPP) stands as an independent publisher.

One that has a profound commitment to give people a platform to express their voices.

We are not just a traditional publishing house but a dedicated partner on your path to success, firmly distinguishing ourselves from vanity or subsidy presses.


Discover the GCPP Difference:


Free Publishing Services: We are proud to offer comprehensive publishing services without charging any fees, as we firmly have confidence in your potential.

Our profits stem from book sales, collaborations, and services, ensuring that your dedication to writing is rewarded as it should be.

We are a distinguished independent book publishing company, often referred to as a small press or a traditional publishing house.

We want to emphasise that we are not a vanity press or a subsidy press.

At our publishing company, we proudly offer complimentary publishing services, ensuring that no fees are incurred by our authors.

Our business model is centred on earning profits through book sales and services, as well as through other joint ventures and collaborations, affirming our commitment to helping you to achieve your literary aspirations without any financial burdens.

Our dedication to literature extends to both fiction and nonfiction genres.

We encourage prospective authors to consult our submission guidelines for detailed insights into the specific genres we are passionate about publishing.

Your literary journey awaits with us…


What are you waiting for???

Diverse Genre Support: GCPP is your platform to shine:


GCPP is a place where you can show case your talents and your works as well as express your voice.

We publish a wide range of fiction and nonfiction books in all formats.

Our submission guidelines offer insights into the specific genres that we champion.


Our Mission: Helping Authors Thrive!

At GCPP, our mission is simple: we are dedicated to helping authors to achieve their literary goals.

We also encourage all authors to become more than just an author alone.

For you can do more than just sell books alone.



Our commitment to your success is reflected in the following:


50% Gross Royalties: We pay an impressive 50% gross royalties for eBooks, print, and audio, which is 3-6 times more than what most traditional publishers offer.

Creative Marketing Campaigns: We implement innovative book marketing strategies to give your work the exposure it deserves.

Author Training & Educare: We provide training and educare in Authorpreneurship in addition too many other resources to empower our authors.


Success Stories:

Our authors, like Dr Leon Moss, Kwadw(o) Naya Baa Ankh Em Re A’lyun Eil,Cyrlene, and Sam The Word, have achieved remarkable success, underscoring the potential of dedicated expertise.

Getting Paid:


GCPP’s Royalty Structure:

* Generally, we do not offer advances, (unless you take a Traditional Book Publishing Deal)

* We pay 50% gross royalties on all income from your books, etc., including book sales, royalties, and subsidiary rights.

Experience the Golden Child difference, where your writing dreams become a reality!



“Your Book, Your Way: 3 Tailored Approaches to Publishing with GCPP!”

Find the perfect fit for your manuscript – traditional, self, or collaborative – at GCPP.


Hey Future Author,

Are YOU ready to kickstart your publishing journey with GCPP?

We are not just a publishing deal; we are your GOLDEN TICKET to CREATIVE FREEDOM.

Say goodbye to the traditional publishing maze or the lonely road of self-publishing.

Why don’t you take a Hybrid Publishing Deal GCPP???

Or as some call it, a Collaborative Publishing.

This is where your story can truly take flight.

Join Us and Let Your Book Shine Bright. 

OPTION 1: Click below to get a complimentary consultation with Kwadw(o) to discuss all of your literary goals.


OPTION 2: Click below to check out our submission guidelines for more information about the specific genres that we publish.


Author Support:

Elevate your literary masterpiece with Golden Child Promotions Publishing (GCPP), where excellence meets unparalleled publishing services tailored exclusively for authors of distinction.


In-House Editorial Mastery:

Entrust your manuscript to the skilled hands of our in-house editors. Benefit from complimentary developmental editing, meticulous copyediting, and flawless proofreading—all to ensure your opus stands as a beacon of literary perfection before it graces the shelves.


Artistry in Every Detail:

Let our visionary in-house team breathe life into your book. From crafting visually arresting book covers too shaping unforgettable titles, brands, and graphics, we redefine the art of presentation. Your book isn’t just published; it’s a work of visual and literary art.


Global Presence, Local Impact:

Experience the zenith of publishing logistics with GCPP. We meticulously layout, design, and print your book, offering the prestige of hardcover for nonfiction and the tactile delight of paperback. Our expansive reach extends to 220 countries and territories, thanks to our esteemed distribution services.


E-Excellence on Amazon Kindle:

Witness your literary creation in digital brilliance. GCPP formats, designs, and publishes your eBook exclusively on Amazon Kindle using KDP Select for unrivalled earnings. You also have the option to broaden your digital presence across all major eBook retailers and libraries if you choose to go wide with your distribution opposed to being on an exclusive select deal with Amazon.


Sonorous Narration, Audible Excellence:

Dive into the auditory realm with GCPP’s audiobook mastery. We handle everything—from narration to production, mastering to distribution. Your audiobook resonates on Audible, Amazon, iTunes, libraries, and beyond, courtesy
of our esteemed distribution network. For select indulgences, find your creation in the hallowed halls of retailers like Costco for physical audiobooks.

Choose GCPP—where your literary vision meets the zenith of publishing excellence. Your story, our masterpiece.


* We also have additional author’s support to assist you with your growth, but this comes at a premium.

We provide:

* Author website development or improvement.

* 1-1 coaching calls to plan marketing strategies.

* Assistance with email list building and email marketing.