This option is for ideal for Entrepreneurs, go getters, Independents and LEADERS! Gone are the days when the few big traditional had all the CONTROL and most of the ‘PIE’ – NOT ANYMORE!
we are TALKING to YOU!
EVERYONE has a good book in them, WE KNOW.
WHO is going to be the next STAR to SHINE?
WHO is going to be our next LEADER, LEADING by EXAMPLE?

With this option we can assist, deal with and facilitate all parts of the book production process packaging and marketing but the author would be in FULL CONTROL, with a clear mind that WE will not be behind the publishing of any substandard work. (WE HAVE A STANDARD OF ETHICS AND MORALITY THAT WE WILL NEVER LOWER. We are best platform for self-publishing. We promote book publishing for the beginners.  

Co-operative Publishing

Is where we work with authors sharing the publication cost, utilising our great skills and experience to take publications to market in the best possible way. A way which would reach the desired readers in the most efficient way.

Please note: fees usually range from $1,999 to $14,999 – the author would usually pay for some or all of the pre-publication costs to prepare or package the work or they would need to submit their work in line with our required quality standards which are very high. We are best book publishers in this category.

Traditional Publishing

Is where we would pay advances to (agreed & accepted) authors purchasing the rights to their work, paying them the respective royalty fees and commissions. The author in question would pay no fees or costs of any kind.

Please be aware that we only accept a few authors for this package as the book world is very competitive. With this in mind we are only looking to invest in the most promising talents who can produce the highest quality work – a literary agent is usually required. We are best book publishers in this category.

To publish with us you need to be the BEST, GOLDEN ONES ARE US!

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    All submitted manuscripts are to be supported by a covering letter detailing intention and expectation along with all the supporting (extras such as proposed book cover design etc).
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