Have you ever had an epiphany?
Oh, what can the matter be?

Have you ever had a sudden realisation,
Or comprehension that has changed your direction?

Have you ever had an intuitive perception or an insight into reality or being?
Which changes your overstanding of a situation or problem that you have seen.

A moment of insight that can bring about a sense of clarity.
This is what happens when you have an epiphany.

It often ‘brings about’ a feeling of eureka, euphoria, or “aha.”
At those times you may want to smoke a big, fat cigar.

The word “epiphany” comes from the Greek word “epiphaneia,”
Which means “manifestation” or “striking appearance.”

When you experience an epiphany, you may feel a range of emotions such
as surprise, excitement, relief, and joy.
This realization often leads to a shift in perspective and can lead to
new ideas and solutions for you to employ.

This epiphany gives answers to problems that may have previously seemed
insurmountable, thus making you conscious and aware.
‘It should safeguard you from pulling out your own hair.’

For it can eat you up when you cannot solve a problem, I know.
This is why things like an epiphany are here, to help you to grow.

It can also lead to a deeper appreciation and inner standing of the
world and one’s place within it.
Please do not bypass these feelings, not even for one minute.

Eurekakaka is what they say.
I would not have it any other way.

When you wake up and have this experience, becoming conscious and aware,
Looking around at society’s falsehoods, many things to beware.